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Home & Renters

It is difficult to predict the unexpected, but you yourself can hold protection against them well in advance. Homeowner's insurance, often simply referred to as home insurance, often protects personal property by repairing or replacing your personal possessions if damaged or destroyed (for commercial property, please check out our business insurance page) as well as liability costs.

How much coverage do I need?

This depends on factors such as your home's location, your own financial circumstances and needs for financial protection, as well as if applicable, your lender (e.g., for a mortgage, lenders often require you to purchase minimum coverage to protect against unforeseen circumstances; lenders may require you to cover at least the dwelling's replacement cost).* Moreover, insurance comprises of personal property and liability -- do you have enough to pay off a lawsuit? 

Why ABC?

At ABC, we recommend that you call us or fill out the form here so our professionals can evaluate the best plan for you at the most competitive rates. As an independent agency, we shop across insurance companies to find the best rate for you. We also offer a bundle discount if you bundle home and auto insurance together.


Call us today at 650-357-9077. For the fastest way, please fill out the application here:

Office buildings and Lessors Risk Only

Own a building with tenants, land, or commercial building? 

No matter what types of tenants you have -- from professional offices to restaurants to apartments - find the right protection for yourself. 

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