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Who needs a business owners policy?

The unexpected happen all the time, in all small businesses, whether you're a new venture, an independent contractor, or a restaurant owner.

If you have:

  • any chance of being sued (e.g. a customer slipping)

  • assets that could be taken or damaged (equipment, cash, inventory, digital, and more)

A BOP might help cover claims from:

  • theft 
  • fire 
  • bodily injury 

What is typically included in a BOP?

A business owners policy (BOP) packages important coverages together in a convenient way. A policy might include:

  • general liability -- when someone sues your business for causing harm, cover it and cover the defense

  • property -- for non-real property your business owns, rents, or leases (buildings, equipment, inventory)

  • business income and extra expense -- the unexpected happen, and in case your business has a sudden suspension in income, fixed costs like payroll and rent remain financial obligations

  • and more, depending on your situation

Simply put, it is insurance designed to protect your business and usually comes in a "package" policy of property and liability insurance. We can tailor it to your needs, whether you are a new venture with 1 employee or you have hundreds of employees. There are different types of insurance thus depending on your particular business. 







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